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What is teambuilding

Teambuilding is a strategy that helps groups become real teams. Teambuilding is to create, maintain and enrich the development of a group of people, who strive to develop qualities of teamwork and become a real team. Teambuilding – the programs are necessary for a collective to be able to develop and work effectively, both in everyday life and in more important and responsible tasks. 

X-Club specialize in conducting “Outdoor Teambuilding” programs. In the realization of standard training programs, all game situations are played and discussed behind the desk in the comfortable office. You can only guess what the solution to the task is in practice. 


We offer you to experience this situation in conditions as close as possible to the real…

The main thing is that the participants get real results from communication, feelings and mutual assistance!

Teambuilding is an investment – you will be rewarded not only during the event, but also in the future…

Useful information

Our team is determined to do the best to satisfy your requirements and desires. Therefore, it is very important that we receive as much information about your group as possible.

Our clients are: Petrol AD, Furniture House “Nido”, Moto-Pfohe, radio stations N-joy, Classic FM and Jazz FM, ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) AD, Shell, Neterra, Toner Direct, Schering, M-Tel, etc., as well as foreign tourists from all over the world.

In order to present you with the optimal program, our team together with you must determine the purpose of the upcoming teambuilding. We put a lot of energy, experience and knowledge into preparing the program you want and we think you will be satisfied with its implementation.

A man is born to develop, compete and fight for victory. Through experience and play in the team, there is always a higher motivation and empathy for the company.
Sports performances in nature give good results for building effective relationships in the collective. The clash of challenges makes visible the connections between many important things of everyday life that are seemingly insignificant and unrelated to each other, as well as our place among them.

The team building programs we prepare for you are individual, tailored to your requirements.

Price: 87BGN per person

minimum number of participants – 10

Arrival in the area of Sandanski. Distribution of participants by team. Performance of fun games such as: clothes, carpet, caterpillar, stilt race, egg, spider web.

Next up is archery and shooting balloons with an air rifle. Canyoning in the Popini lucky area.

Duration of the program – 5-6 hours depending on the number of participants.

Price: 162BGN per person

minimum number of participants – 10

Day one: arrival of the participants on the dam bank. The participants form a team that has to go through different physical and logical obstacles (t-shirts, confidence jump, spider web, bench, ski, pyramid).After each barrier is overcome, the team receives instructions for its further actions and collects elements of a logical task that is decided in the final. Participants take part in rafting relay. The duration of the program for the day is about 7 hours.

Day two: Paintball tournament between the formed teams. Performance of the logical games twins and fire, followed by a collective game. Awarding the winners.

The duration of the program for the day is about 5 hours.

Price per participant: 78lv 

Minimum number of participants: 15

A program in which participants are required through physical and logical tasks and through guidance to discover the next task to achieve the ultimate goal. The obstacles are: rope garden, trolleybus, balloon shooting with air rifle, carpet, elastic band, maze.

Price: 90 BGN per person

Minimum number of participants: 10

Arrival of the participants in the resort of Malyovitsa, from where a hiking trip to Malyovitsa will begin. Next is climbing – at the foot of the doll massif. Hiking back to Malyovitsa complex. “Rope garden” – a game in which elements of climbing and walking on a rope between trees are collected. The program also includes fun and logical games.

Combine the program you want yourself depending on where you choose, the degree of physical workload and the goals you have set yourself.

– Rafting on Struma River, Arda, Iskar
– Rock climbing in the area of Malyovitsa, Vratsa, Lakatnik, Vihren, Tryavna, Tarnovo
– It’s in caves: Yagodinska, Thamata Dupka, Haramiyska
– Kayaking trip: Iskar Dam, Kardzhali, Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana, Koprinka, Studen Kladenets and others
– Rope garden and zipline
– Paintball, shooting with an air rifle or bow
– Various simulation exercises and role-playing games