Other activities


Paintball is perceived as one of the most popular, exciting and challenging outdoor sports in the world. It is practiced by millions of men and women of different ages and lifestyles.

Once inside the game you will forget your daily worries and problems. We will equip you and instruct you on the rules of the game, from here on out it is you.

Our club organizes paintball in combination with other activities such as rafting, canyoning, rope garden, shooting.

Rope park

The first of its kind in Bulgaria and the region rope park, built outside a forest. The rope park is created on 2 levels. The first level is for children, but some of the elements will also make it difficult for quite a few adults. 

The second level has a height of more than 5 meters and has quite extreme elements that will increase your adrenaline to 100%. The rope park consists of 24 elements with different difficulty levels. 

It is mandatory to have an instruction on security before entering the rope park and for the participants to be equipped. We provide you with gloves for convenience when passing on the ropes. 

Air extreme


You want to soar into the sky. Fly with the birds. To observe the earth from above. This, you can achieve with a tandem paraplan flight.

Depending on the weather forecast, we fly in the region of Blagoevgrad, Brezhani, Belasitsa, Sofia, Sopot.

The panoramic tandem flight lasts 15 – 30 minutes on site with a de-leveling of 900 m. We fly at an altitude of 300 to 600 meters above the ground.




Canyoning on the Vlahi River- an indescribable adventure filled with adrenaline.

The Vlahi River hides from the road leading to the village of the same name, so to our goal – the six waterfalls, we have to walk. After going down to the first waterfall, there is no time to go back. 

 Next are jumping into the waters of the waterfalls, descending on a natural water slide and so until we exit the last waterfall. Duration about 2 hours.

Canyoning on Vlahi river is good for the hot summer days – June till October.


Mountain hikes

Mountain hikes in Bulgaria and abroad. Climbing peaks such as Vihren, Musala, Malyovitsa, Botev is an amazing experience, and can be done both in summer and in winter. 

Of course, winter is a challenging season, testing our equipment, preparation and desire.

To climb Montblanc, Triglav, to reach base camp of the world’s first- Everest, unforgettable and eclectic experience.

X-Club organizes both corporate and individual events climbing the mountains in Bulgaria as well as in Slovenia, Austria, Nepal, Russia and many others..


The Themna dupka cave is located in the Lakatnik Region, iskar Gorge. It is the most visited undeveloped cave in Bulgaria and has also been declared a national site.

The underground rivers, lakes, thresholds and the many intertwining galleries make it a real allusive. The many beautiful formations are missing, unlike other famous caves, but the cave has a peculiar dark beauty that makes it a landmark of our nature.

X-Club organizes visits to the disadvantaged part of the Yagodinska Cave, Themnata Dupka, Devil’s Throat, etc.