After short preparation on the Struma River and Lake Pancharevo, the debut of the men’s team of X-club was at the Eurocup in Austria in P4 format. 

The participation was also preparation for the Euro Cup Struma in P6 format. 

In 2008 the X-Club men’s team is in 2th place at the European Rafting Cups with 1634 points.

On May 31st – June 1st, 2008, the first of its kind competition was held in Bulgaria, which was also the debut of the women’s team of the X-Club. The competition was attended by 14 men’s and 6 women’s teams, representatives of 6 countries – Bulgaria, Czech republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Three teams declined to participate in the first start because of the complexity of the track. The result of the women’s team – 3 second places and 1 fourth in different disciplines. In the general ranking, the team is ranked second.  

In 2008 the women’s team ranked 3th in the European Cups with 1698 points.

20th – 22nd July 2008 the teams of the X-Club took part in the Euro Cup Priepole in Serbia, on the River Lim. Here you can see the rankings of the men’s and women’s team in the Euro Cup Lim 2008:

Men’s results: Downriver: 1th place, Sprint: 1th place, Slalom: 4th place. In the final ranking: 1th place!!!

Women’s results: Downriver: 2th place, Sprint: 3th place, Slalom: 1th place. In the final ranking: 2th place!!!

Despite the cold weather and constant rains, X-club women’s team took part in the R4 and R6 competitions on the River Vrbas, 19th -21st September 2008. After each race day, the freezing participants warmed up to the campfire, and charged with emotions and desire for the next day. The team returned with numerous cups and medals in the different disciplines, taking third place in the final ranking, and on the organized Balkaniada, took the honorary second place.

At the end of the full of events 2008, the team held a 4-day camp on one of the two artificially built canals in the Czech capital Prague in November 2008. The trainings took place under the watchful eye of experienced coach Peter Panega. For these few days the team gained experience mainly in slalom discipline and refreshed its knowledge of Czech language;)

The team held a week-long camp on the River Vrbas, Banja Luka visiting the local team “Canyon”. The training regime was twice per day, which was occasionally disrupted by bad weather. The trainings were carried out successfully, thanks to the hospitable hosts, as a help in training was provided by the men’s team of “Canyon”.

X-club men and women teams took part in the world championship held in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – 17th -24th Of May 2009. For first time Bulgaria was represented by both a men’s and a women’s team at the largest rafting forum.

The organization of the championship was at a very high level, the contestants were accommodated in hotels in the center of Banja Luka, and the whole city was overwhelmed by what was happening on the Rivers Verbas and Tara. The opening, held under the fireworks in the city center, did not give way to the level of the competition.


32 men’s and 21 women’s teams participated in the World Championship in Banja Luka. The men’s team achieved the very prestigious 6th place in one of the disciplines. 

X-Club Men Score: Downriver: 22th place, Sprint: 14th place, H2H:6th place, Slalom: 28th place. In the general ranking: 20th place!

X-club women’s score: Downriver: 16th place, Sprint: 16th place, H2H: 16th place, Slalom: 18th place. In the general ranking: 19th place!

The renewed X-Club team took part in the Euro Cup in Nish, on the Nishava River in May 2011. The competition was attended by 6 women’s teams and 20 men, from Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. In the slalom discipline, the team scored 12 gates out of 12, which was achieved by only six men’s teams.

X-club women results: Slalom: 3th place, Sprint: 4th place; H2H: 4th place, Downriver: 3th place. In the general ranking: 3rd place!!!

The X-Club women’s team won the first place at the National Rafting Championship, which was held June 4th-5th, 2011 on the Struma River. This victory enabled X-Club team to take part and represent Bulgaria at the World Rafting Championship, which was held in October 2011 in Costa Rica.

X-Club Women results: Downriver: 1th place, Sprint: 1th place, H2H: 2th place, Slalom: 1th place. In the final ranking: 1th place!!!

The 2011 World Rafting Championship was held in October on the Pacquare River, near the town of Turrialba in Costa Rica. The X-Club team was joined by Diana Taneva, who lives and works as a rafting instructor in Canada.
The contestants were housed in a tent camp and fed rice with beans, beans with rice and other varieties characteristic of the region. The World Rafting Champs was attended by 19 women’s teams.

X-club women’s results: Downriver: 18th place, Sprint: 14th place, H2H: 18th place, Slalom: 16th place. In the general ranking: 18th place!!!

After the world rafting championship in Costa Rica, the X-Club women’s team did not participate in an official competition, but continued to gather for training on the beloved Struma River. Five of the contestants who participated in the team became rafting instructors at the X-Club.

Since the contestants can walk away from the river, but she does not leave them, 3 of them work as instructors and currently in the X-Club.