Kids rafting camp – 29.07-04.08

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Summer vacation is starting very soon, and we offer you one nice summer adventure for your child – rafting camp on the river bank. Where? on the rafting center on Struma river –Кога? 29.07-4.08 и 12-18.08Accommodation? in bungalows on the river bank – rafting, canyoning, paddle board, kayak, jumps from rocks, water slides, mineral pool, rope garden, […]

June 1st and 2nd – free rafting for children

As every year, for 8th in a row, X-club makes a present for the children and their parents. On June 1st and 2nd, our club organizes rafting trips, in which a child accompanied by 2 adults is free. Child accompanied by one adult get 50% discount of the price for adult. The offer is valid […]

1st-6th of May – Working time

During the whole holidays 1st-6th of May, our rafting centers on Struma and Iskar river are open. The slots for trips are as follows: Struma: 10.00, 13.00 and 15.30; Iskar: 10.30 and 13.30; Reservation in advance is needed 0878889092 or Рафтинг по река Струма – Х-клуб TEAMBUILDING-BG.COM Рафтинг по река Искър – Х-Клуб TEAMBUILDING-BG.COM

Kayak on Lefkada island – 1st-6th of May

During the upcoming long weekends, we will make a kayak trip to the island of Lefkada and the nearby islets to it. With the kayaks we will visit an impressive bay on the island of Meganisi, and we will definitely have lunch in the tavern of Bobby and Yorgo. We will also have a […]

Cleaning and preparation for the new season

Last weekend, part of the X-club team gathered to clean the rafting center after winter. The weather was pleasant, sunny and after the good work, the briefing with beer and lunch was mandatory. This weekend we start the rafting season on Struma river : Рафтинг по река Струма – Рафтинг БГ / RAFTING BG – […]

31st of March – we start the kayak season on Iskar dam

On March 31 (Sunday) we open the kayak season Iskar dam. The warm weather that started early promises us sunshine all weekend. The meeting is at 10.30 am next to the Instrum Park, and the kayaking for the day is about 4-5 hours. One day kayaking on Iskar / Join the group on 0878889092!

Happy March the 3rd, Bulgaria!

Once again, our club took part in the march to the ‘Cross’ and the chapel “St. Alexander Nevsky”, which marks March 3rd in the Kresna Gorge. The area welcomed all participants with incredible views and sunny weather, and even a fellow paraglider flew over the area with the tricolor. Pictures from the march:

Rafting BG with channel in Tiktok

As the river flows and changes, and it is never the same, so we need to change in order to be in the current. Rafting BG already has a channel on Tiktok: Rafting BG

Rafting on Arda river – 2nd-3rd of March

For the holiday weekend we have planned to do rafting trip on Arda River. As the river is unpredictable, the expected forecast for this period shows the river level might be good for it. Next planed dates: 9th-10th of March. Rafting on Arda river- Rafting BG/